Global Road Safety Film Festival


The Global Road Safety Film Festival will take place on April 23 and 24, 2013 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.





It aims to serve as a springboard to promote the second United Nations Global Week for Road Safety which will be held from May 6 to 7, 2013 on the theme “pedestrian safety”.

Festival highlights the priority actions of the United Nations: pedestrian safety, helmet, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, wearing seat belts, the use of safety devices for children and improvement of road infrastructure changes.







It aims to facilitate the implementation of national programs, to strengthen the capacity of countries to improve road safety and to assist in the development of road safety programs, especially in emerging countries.

Place of business meetings, the Global Road Safety Film Festival interests the United Nations system organizations, governmental organizations, public authorities, business leaders and associations, the media, communication professionals and road safety, youth.

The Festival is open to all road safety stakeholders, politicians, experts, representatives of universities and research institutes, producers, directors, journalists, and anyone interested in road safety.

Films presented

The films are originating from all regions of the world, and produced during the past 5 years. All languages are accepted subject to subtitling in English or French. They are exclusively on digital video and presented under the following categories:


The international jury

An international jury, made up of experts in road safety and communication, evaluates and selects the films. Each document presented to the jury is evaluated on the basis of specific criteria: