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LASER EUROPE, "Road safety actions in Europe", is an NGO, head of a road safety organizations network.
Laser Europe pursue educational, social and cultural purposes. Its goal is the development of road safety through creation and application of innovative, attractive and motivating programs and actions.
LASER EUROPE signed the European Road Safety Charter ( and Robert TROTTEIN is the focal point of the Charter for France. LASER EUROPE is committed to undertake the following initiatives:

  • Organize annually the European Road Safety Forum;
  • Promote the quality of road safety management in the public sector (national, regional, departmental and local), in the private sector and civil society,
  • To experiment new modes of mobilization for road safety, capitalizing gains accumulated and promoting effective exchange of experiences,
  • Develop partnerships between public and private actors, European, national and territorial.
  • Produce road safety film festivals to confirm the critical importance of communication associated with education, science and culture
  • To develop the European multimedia resources centre, to ensure an information service, distribution and production of films on road safety.
  • Create the Euro-Mediterranean road safety Forum, in order to foster cooperation between the stakeholders involved in the field of road safety.


Laser Europe
Laser Europe
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About us

Laser International Foundation is the producer of the Global Road Safety Film Festival, Laser Europe is the executive producer.

The Global Road Safety Film Festival is under the aegis of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration.

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